Wednesday, April 14, 2010

thank you, jenny

Southen Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts
if you're visiting from jenny's site, southern institute for domestic arts and crafts, welcome!  i'm so happy to have you visit :)

if not, please head over to her's absolutely wonderful.  such beautiful writing, gorgeous pictures, and what i like the most...her honesty.

jenny and i recently "met" through the world of blogging, and she was kind enough to share leo's birth story on her blog.   if you don't already know this, i LOVE telling leo's birth story!  so when she asked me to share it on her blog, i couldn't be more excited!

thank you so much, jenny, for having me as a guest.  i can't tell you how honored i am to be on your blog!  your blog is inspirational...thoughtful...creative...

and i am humbled by your invitation.

thank you.


  1. Thank YOU Heather! You are so kind! So glad we "met". And so glad that you have little Leo, he is a doll. "Talk" to you soon!

  2. I just realized where you live. I have been there once and loved it! I was actually there to be in an infomercial! So much fun!

  3. that's awesome! it's a great place to live, although living quarters tend to be quite tight!

    i must infomercial for what? :)


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