Thursday, November 25, 2010

a day of thanks...

thank you for my family, near and far...
  for my wonderful husband, who i am lucky enough to start and end every day with.
  for my amazing little boy.  who takes my breath away.
  for my mom and dad, who encourage me, and support me, even from so far away.
  for my sister...and her family... who i miss more than she could ever know.
  for my brother... who even though we don't speak often, i think of all the time.

thank you for our new home.

thank you for dreams coming true.  even as i type.

thank you for dreams that are still in the making.

thank you for the courage to fulfill those dreams.

thank you for the friends that have become my family away from home.

have a wonderful thanksgiving.  thank you for reading.

please head over to jenny's wonderful site... the southern institute for domestic arts and crafts.  she has so kindly included me (in a group of several other amazing women!) in a special thanksgiving/black friday event.  check it out for some great discounts on beautiful things, made by some very talented artists!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thank you liz scott!

i very rarely buy new fabrics.  i just have a hard time doing it.  i use old t-shirts, button downs, pants, curtains... whatever i can get my hands on.  while i love doing this, it sometimes makes my fabric selection... well... quite boring.  you just don't get the same fun prints from a men's dress shirt, that you do from all those new beautiful and fun fabrics out there.

and that's where liz scott comes in.

a few weeks ago, i was searching for some craft room design inspiration.  and in a flickr group, i found some really neat stuff...

Old Hardware Organizer, Turned Notion Organizer
flickr photo, paper pie by liz scott

which led me to some more really neat stuff...

An Inspiring Mess
flickr photo, paper pie by liz scott

which led me to a really neat site...

  which led me to some really neat fabrics at...

and, as luck would have it... she's local!!!  so, i made contact, asked if she had any scraps hanging around, and after quick ride over (and an introduction to a sweet little baby girl... who totally makes me want to start thinking about number 2...) this is what i came home with!

leo then insisted on being in the picture...

i'm so excited to have some new life added to my projects!  soooo many cute fabrics... so many cute colors... and so wonderful to have met liz!  check out her site, and her shops... wonderfluff and paper pie.

thanks, liz!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

new angles...

the sun hits our living room in such a way at sunset.  

a spectacular way, to be exact.

makes me feel less disappointed about how early the sun sets.

and brought me to see a new angle in the way the seasons are changing.

rather than frowning upon the shortened days... finding the things to savor in the change.

the way the sun bathes our living room in a warm, orange glow...

the time outside, now being replaced with time on the couch reading books with leo...

the moments stolen to knit the sweater for brian that i've been working on for... three years now?  all while leo is playing on the floor with his toys...

the visits from family and friends that are approaching with the seasons...

the sweet lesson that nature has taught me today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tiger, round two...

when asked what he wanted to be for halloween, leo actually said "a tiger".  now, he knows he has the tiger costume (and he wore it last year)... but there was also a dog costume that he was completely aware of.  i had nothing to do with it!

even though it made my heart melt. 

because it was my costume.  that my mom made.  so many years ago.  and i wore it for so many years.  so many, that my mom had to cut the feet off. 

where leo's feet stick out of now.