Thursday, January 28, 2010

to cover or not to cover...

a friend of mine led me to this blog the other day. the pictures of breastfeeding moms tell more of the story than the words. i know that when i first started breastfeeding, i used a nursing cover when i was in public. now, i nurse leo wherever i am, no cover. some people feel more comfortable covered, others not.

seeing these pictures make me realize how happy i am to be breastfeeding leo. not only for the nourishment it provides, but for so many other reasons. aside from the bond that we have, it has made me more confident as a mom. this is not to say that breastfeeding is the only way to go. it's more to say that whatever your choice might be, it is the right choice for you. and you (or i) shouldn't be judged whether you're feeding your baby (or toddler!) with a bottle or your breast.