Tuesday, April 9, 2013

our days...

our days have changed...

and so will this space.

nothing drastic... but just a little... enough to reflect the days we now have.

gone are the days when i would create projects and spend hours preparing... the days of collecting materials from all over to construct an activity... the days when my brain was working overtime to plan...

and welcome the days we've been having.  where our days unfold to find the beauty in our backyard.  the magic in a road trip.  the simplicity in a walk around the block.  the meaningfulness in a new book from the library.  the wonder in a moment of quiet... while we're each in our own world of creativity.

some projects still arise... and when the urge strikes, we'll prepare an activity.

what i'm noticing, though, is all the things we do... each and every day... they're full of learning.  full of wonder.  and are worth sharing.

and that's what i'll do.