Thursday, November 25, 2010

a day of thanks...

thank you for my family, near and far...
  for my wonderful husband, who i am lucky enough to start and end every day with.
  for my amazing little boy.  who takes my breath away.
  for my mom and dad, who encourage me, and support me, even from so far away.
  for my sister...and her family... who i miss more than she could ever know.
  for my brother... who even though we don't speak often, i think of all the time.

thank you for our new home.

thank you for dreams coming true.  even as i type.

thank you for dreams that are still in the making.

thank you for the courage to fulfill those dreams.

thank you for the friends that have become my family away from home.

have a wonderful thanksgiving.  thank you for reading.

please head over to jenny's wonderful site... the southern institute for domestic arts and crafts.  she has so kindly included me (in a group of several other amazing women!) in a special thanksgiving/black friday event.  check it out for some great discounts on beautiful things, made by some very talented artists!


  1. your sister DOES know. 'cause she misses you just the same.

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