Tuesday, April 13, 2010

little kiddos like...

i've been thinking about these for a few weeks...and finally got to them.  i think they're just the beginning of a series...

things that little kiddos like.

so far...keys, vacuum, light switch, and broom.

i'm thinking if you don't have kids, some of these things might sound strange.  i honestly had no idea, before leo, how many kids like brooms.  really like brooms.  our floor is often spotless due to the fact that leo demands it to be swept!  and he has his own little broom that he helps with, too.  and light switches?  simply fascinating! 

so i figured, why not put them on a shirt?  it couldn't hurt the dressing process, that's for sure.  in fact, i had leo model them for me, and i've never taken four different shirts on and off so easily before.  especially the broom one!

they'll be up on my etsy site momentarily...


  1. i don't often wish mine were small again (they took A LOT of chasing!) but i adore these shirts!!

  2. These are absolutely adorable!!! What do you use to attach your appliques, if you don't mind me asking? I tried my hand at applique with a knit skirt and recycled t-shirts last week. It turned out pretty cute. I got compliments on it, so it must look okay.

    Have a great night, Heather!

  3. thanks, hope! considering i only have one at this point, the chasing isn't too bad :)

  4. thanks, jenny! i use heat & bond lite on the backs of the fabric (it keeps the appliques put as opposed to needles, which, for me, allow the fabric to move around too much). then i stitch it all down with a zig zag stitch. i waver back & forth with using a tear-away stablizer on the inside. it unfortunately adds another step, but sometimes without, the fabric stretches and gets kind of wavy.

    i'd love to see what you've made!

  5. These tee are really cute!!! Love the art and text!
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