Thursday, July 30, 2009

this body grew a baby...

it was an achy day today. my body is tired. and it just aches. my back, my legs, my neck. it all...aches.

so i escaped to a hot shower for a few minutes while brian got leo ready for bed.

and i remembered...

this body grew a baby. and it's still helping him grow everyday. with my hands, i lift him to see all the things he's so curious to see. with my arms, i hold him when he's sad, or happy, or just to be close. with my back, i bend down to pick up the things he explores each day. with my legs, i go for walks with him to see the birds, and the trees, and the moon he noticed for the first time yesterday. with my knees, i crawl around and make him laugh the belly laugh that is music to my ears.

so, yes. my body is tired. and it aches. and i should probably be taking better care of it than i am.

but in the meantime, i'm taking pretty good care of an amazing little boy.


  1. I found you on Pinterest and when I was searching for new crafts... I repined your site from a friend of mine, so... I was going back to explore it. As I wandered into your blog, I found your words to be really beautiful, so I wanted to personally. Thank you

    Mary way of by passing the url and other things i wasnt sure of


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