Thursday, August 6, 2009

thrifty thursday: we're ditching the diaper service...

we're doing our best to cut down lately. now that we're a one-income family, it's no longer an's a necessity. so, every thursday, i'll be writing about something we've done to cut costs. i'm hoping that this will not only give others some ideas and/or motivation, but that it will also make me think of at least one thing a week to help our family be thrifty!

so, this week...we're discontinuing the diaper service (that's $75 a month!)

i was a little worried at first (mostly because we live in an apartment and have shared laundry), but now i'm really excited! it almost feels liberating. we've been using the service prefolds in gdiaper covers up until now. i found cloth inserts for the gdiaper covers at cottonwood baby (gdiapers makes gcloth now, too...the ones we got are almost exactly the same, but a couple dollars cheaper). there's another insert by patooshie pants, but i didn't find them until after the fact. seems like there's a lot of good reviews about patooshie pants, though (and they're cheaper), but i'm happy with what we've got. we started just by getting six of them, and we tested them out. we actually tried using the smaller size, since they were about $7 cheaper, and they worked, but i don't think they would continue to work as leo gets bigger, so for the rest of the order (i bought 30) i got medium/large. as far as absorbency goes, they're great. and they're SO much slimmer than the prefolds! (even though, i have come to love leo's big bottom :) )

i'm now in the process of doing the multiple pre-washes to make them absorbent, so this week will officially be the last week of the diaper service. we're still using disposables at night, i'm hoping cloth at night will be our next step.


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