Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mom brain...

pregnancy brain was bad. losing my keys...forgetting my lunch...throwing out my wallet (not just in the trash...but into the dumpster in the alley). but at least there was a big ol' belly showing, and i could laugh it off, and people would think...oh, she's's pregnancy cute.

but brain is here. and it's AWFUL. and there's no cute little belly making it all seem ok. it's just plain old me. forgetting things. losing things. leaving my iphone on top of the car and driving away. to then hear it fall off. and later realize that it's completely fried. the day before i'm flying to the east coast for a week.

or how about the day that i pulled out of our friend's parking spot and scraped the whole side of our new car along the wall? and the only reason i was even going anywhere was because i had to go back to trader joe's to get the pizza i had planned on making for dinner. that i FORGOT to get when i was there five minutes before. turned out to be an $812 pizza.

or today, when brian took the laundry out of the drier to see that all the clothes were stained with lip balm that i had left in the pocket of my shorts. i then had to spend the next half hour rubbing dish soap onto the stains, and then re-doing the laundry. (after i was so excited to use the SoapNuts).

why does this happen? is this some cruel joke? shouldn't my brain work BETTER now that i'm a mom? i mean, i've got a little boy to take care of...doesn't he deserve a mom with a completely functional brain? maybe it's so i only worry about the things that really matter...and forget about the rest. so i don't consume myself with the little things.

i'm going to go with that. it's the only logical reason i can think of. especially with this brain.


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