Friday, July 8, 2011

some hammering...

well, the days continue to be a bit of a struggle over here.

but we carry on :)

and we do some hammering...

start with these supplies:

  • block of floral foam
  • enough fabric to cover the foam (try to use something with a little give, not too tightly woven)
  • glue gun
  • some nails 
  • toy tools (or real ones... whatever you're most comfortable with ;)  )

wrap the floral foam with the fabric, just like you would a present.  use some hot glue in spots to keep it on.  the fabric i used was just a little too tightly woven, which later led me to give some help with the nails getting started.

poke some nails through...

and get hammering!  

or use your fingers...

some magnets from another project crept in at some point...

 it's a great activity for...
  • fine motor skills (hammering, using fingers...)
  • tactile exposure (exploring the hardness of the nails, the squishy-ness of the foam...)
  • mathematics (counting the nails, talking about the various sizes...)
and, of course...
  • relieving frustration ;)
happy hammering!


  1. golf tees make good "nails" also.

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