Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a patchwork dress...

well... a new computer has been purchased.  the old one has officially died.  with a good amount of pictures on it.  *sigh*

so, there would have been more pictures for this post (of the process), but now there's not :(  

to be honest, as i'm not the best at tutorials, i'm not even sure all those other pictures would have made much of a difference :)


here's what i made... 

 a patchwork dress for my niece!

made from some fabric scraps from liz scott, and some old t-shirts.

i pretty much just laid the pieces out, pieced them together, and serged them to each other.  

then shirred the top...

and added that last gray strip down the back to connect one end to the other (mostly because i needed to make the top a little wider around), and then added the straps (and some loops for them to cross in the back).  

for the ruffle at the bottom, i actually just did one row of shirring... i thought that would be quicker than doing a basting stitch and pulling it and all that...

fingers crossed that it fits!  


  1. This is beautiful! So unique too, I know my girls would love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello and commenting too! :)

  2. Cute dress!! I wonder how to make it :3 And about the old phots, you still can recover it by bringing the hard disk to the store and ask them to copy to some portable memory device.
    love quotes ez


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