Monday, July 25, 2011

pictures for our day...

to help leo along his day...

and me, as well...

we created some pictures.

a little schedule of sorts... a flexible one, for sure... but one to give us both an idea of what our day will bring.  

something that will give leo the comfort of knowing what he can expect.  and give me the comfort of knowing when it's time to stop working... or tidying... and take some time with him.  or vice versa.  

we gathered some sticks...

which my husband cut into disks...

added a layer of mod podge (so they weren't so absorbent when i used the paint markers on them)...

and then added pictures.  

for eating, running errands, playing, time together, reading, time outside...

and placed them on the windowsill in leo's play area, describing our day, for us both to see.


  1. What a fun idea! I have tons of sticks I could put to use!

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