Thursday, July 21, 2011

filling our hearts...

i've been searching for ways to teach leo about doing things just for the goodness of doing them...

sharing just because it makes someone feel good...

helping because it's a nice thing to do...

listening because it is polite and kind...

not because you want something in return.  just because it's good.

but how do you teach something that is so internal?  how can i tell his little body, his little heart, how to feel?

so, today, we drew a nice, big heart on our chalkboard...

and we talked about how some things can just fill up our hearts.  make us feel good inside.  and make others feel good, too.

and throughout the day, we added to it.

we also talked about what can make our hearts feel empty... what can make us feel sad.  and others sad, as well.

i know leo is young, and his actions are all so true.  so honest.  and i never want him to change that.  but i do want him to start to understand that his actions and words can affect the way he feels.  and the way others feel.

by the end of the day... our big heart was full.

just like any other day, we had ups and downs.  some smiles, some tears.

but it was nice to see this full heart at the end of it all.

reminding us how many things can truly fill our hearts.  and how good that can make us all feel.


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