Saturday, June 19, 2010

through a child's eye...

lately leo wants us to see everything he sees.

and not just look at what he's looking at...he wants us to actually see it how he sees it.

which means, most often, getting down on all fours, or even more often, flat on my belly, cheek on the ground, so i can see the train he just built...or the berry that rolled on the ground...

there's an expression, isn't there...about seeing the world through a child's eye?  well, if i don't stop to do it often enough on my own, leo makes sure of it.

i'm not just checking out the train he a finished product...all the pieces put together.  i'm now seeing all the parts that he worked so meticulously to arrange...all by himself.  i need to stop...take the time...and really see it.

and these things that leo sees?  the ways that he sees them?  amazing.  it's all new.  it's all so world-filling for him.  and he wants us to fill our own eyes with the same things...and experience it with him.  really, truly, experience it.

and for that, i thank him for including me :)

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