Tuesday, June 15, 2010

preschoolers...at the southern institute!

a few months back, i was asked by jenny, author over at the southern institute for arts and crafts, to write about leo's birth.  since then, we've continued to get to know each other through many emails, and what a pleasure it's been!  her blog is quite addicting...the beautiful pictures...the adventures (i'm so jealous of that trip to folly beach!)...and her beautiful creations...all so sweetly composed!  in addition to all of that, jenny has three beautiful children...including a little boy who is preschool aged...and wouldn't you know it, i was a preschool teacher for quite some time, until i decided to become a full-time mommy :)  and with that...arrived...

i'm so excited!!!!!

jenny asked me to do a series of posts...about development, behaviors, strategies...all about preschoolers!  it's not often that i get sooooo motivated to write (as you can tell from my sparse blogs ;)  ) but boy, has this been fun!

head over to the southern institute for domestic arts and crafts to see what we've been up to!

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