Wednesday, June 16, 2010

strawberry fields forever...

well...not really.  but, awhile back, i wrote about some things that i wanted to do with the little guy... and one of them was the strawberry festival.  i have to say, it was a little my mind, i pictured fields and fields of strawberries, little baskets to pick them with...some daisies...a red & white checked tablecloth to picnic on...

and that was not what we got.

we got more of your standard, food festival things...fried foods, loud music on a stage, expensive strawberry-ish things...and three, maybe four?, strawberry stands.  bummer.

well...we did get some dark chocolate covered strawberries....  and boy, oh boy, were they goooooood!

it was almost the size of leo's face!  after a couple of bites, he was no longer interested in the strawberry...

...just the chocolate :)

and we did get a pretty substantial amount of strawberries...which was really good for making smoothies (or as leo calls them..."red doos")...

he thoroughly enjoyed the red doos.

so i guess that made it worth it :)

and so did the firetruck that was there :)


  1. Those pictures are so great!!! I can taste those chocolate covered strawberries!

    BTW, I'm putting you on my blog roll.

  2. thanks, jenny! i saw my link on your site...thanks for the shout-out!!!


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