Thursday, June 3, 2010

for his stuff...

a little boy's got stuff.  like cars...and garbage trucks...bubbles...a flat bed...some sticks...

and his mama can only hold so much of it :)

so i wanted to make him a backpack to hold it all...

and i saw this great tutorial for a hobo sack here on made, and thought it would be a great starting point.  i started with two old t-shirts, i used the pattern for the bag, as well as the closing, and then added a couple of things...

i lined it, and added a pocket from a pair of cargo pants that had seen better days :)  (that's where "guy" stays when he's not driving his bulldozer.)

so, it's technically reversible.

i added straps to make it a backpack.  i ended up having to make little stitches on all four points...otherwise, the whole backpack sort of scrunched up and sunk to the bottom of the straps.

after wearing it a couple times, i saw that the straps kept slipping off leo's little shoulders.  to remedy that, i added on a little strip of fabric (from the bottom of the same cargo pants) with snaps to hold them together in front.  perfect!

i love having a couple less things in my bag...and my pockets!  and leo loves to wear his own "bat-e-pat!"


  1. i love it thats so cute and such a good idea the boys just stick whatever they find on the floor on their pockets :)

  2. very cool! Thanks for sharing with me. Very boyish and i love it.

  3. I love your version of the hobo sack, expecially the red cross! Reminds me of MASH. I have just recently began reading through stuff over at Made, and I am just beginning to learn to sew stuff. Just wondering, did you make your little guy's hat? Too cute! Looks fairly simple too, I might have to try to make one for my little man. Most ones that I have bought for him are still too big (he is 7 months old).

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