Monday, November 30, 2009

so...the sleeping thing...

ahh, sleep. how i love sleep. and how different my sleep now is from what it used to be.

leo's almost 15 months now...and he sleeps with us. sometimes he wakes up once or twice through the night. sometimes he wakes up four or five times. brian can put him to sleep initially for the night, but as far as going back to sleep from waking up, he almost always nurses back to sleep.

and that's how our sleep goes. we sleep snuggled in our some point during the night, leo usually ends up perpendicular, with his feet on brian's chest. we shuffle around in the bed...sometimes leo's in the middle, sometimes i'm in the middle. brian wakes up first to head off to work, and leo and i usually sleep another hour or so.

and it's wonderful.

there are times when i wonder what it would be like if leo slept for eight hours straight. and when that will ever happen. sure...i can't wait for the luxury of an uninterrupted sleep. but i also cherish these days of sweet togetherness. i love when leo wakes up and says "dada!" and lays a huge kiss on brian. i love seeing the smile on leo's face...every single morning...when he wakes up and sees us. to me, that's worth the price of a couple of wake ups through the night. in fact, it's worth much more than that.


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