Monday, November 16, 2009

second generation tiger...

i know, i's a leopard.

but when i was little, i called it a tiger.

my mom made me this costume when a was a little girl...and it was my FAVORITE!!! i don't know how many years in a row i wore it, but my mom eventually had to cut the feet off the bottom so i could still wear it.

so, when this halloween came around, i couldn't pass it up. considering the wear and tear i put it through as a child, and the fact that it's about thirty years old, it held up great! (good work, mom!) i put a new zipper on it (the picture above is pre-fix-up), patched up a little hole, and added some reinforcements at the knees, and it was ready to go.

how's that for keepin' it green?

and, by the cute is that little leopard?


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