Monday, November 23, 2009

grandma's basket...

i don't know how or when, exactly, i inherited this basket, but i did. it was my grandma's (who we called "two-guys grandma"), and she passed away in the summer of 1997, so it was sometime after that.

inside the basket was a ton of thread, as well as other notions. and i could swear, no matter what i've had to sew over the past several years, the color i needed was in there. one time i was hemming a pair of lime green pants (yes, i had lime green pants), and i checked the basket...and there was an exact match. exact.

so, i've always felt that it was a sort of magic basket. i never really knew all of what was in there, but i knew that whenever i needed something, it was there.

now that i'm sewing more often, the basket has gotten a little more difficult to use, though. all the thread was getting knotted, and i just couldn't see what was in there. i really didn't want to move on from the basket, but it was time. and i figured two-guys grandma would be happy to show me all the things she had hiding in there. now i just have to find a good use for the magic basket.


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