Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tray table kitchen...

there's a lot of truck play in this house.  

a LOT.

it's nice to create new ways to play with the toys that we have out all the time, but seem to get passed over for those beloved trucks.

i've been contemplating getting a little kitchen for leo.  we really don't have much room for it, though.  so instead, we created our own.

with our handy-dandy folding tray table (which i honestly think i need about three more of considering how much we use it), some dry erase markers, and a sheet of paper, this is what we created...

a little stove with an oven!

we gathered some random objects and some play food, and got cooking...

pinecone muffins in the oven... 

some french toast on the stove...

we eventually needed a refrigerator for the story stones blueberries...

i got a pretty good serving of french toast, with a pile of syrup, and some blueberries sprinkled around.

not too bad for a fold away kitchen ;) 


  1. Haha - I love the inventiveness behind the play:)

    1. I agree. Last night my son, he's two, was playing in the kitchen while I was cooking. He was using the mixer and making the mixer noises. So fun!

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