Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little one...

a new little one is on its way.

i can't believe it's all going to be happening so soon.

we plan on having this little new gift at home, just like leo.  it's the best way for our family.

i absolutely love the process of having our babies at home.  i don't know any other way at this point, but what i do know is that it was absolutely wonderful.

and that doesn't mean that it's for everyone.

but what is for everyone is the knowledge... of knowing all the options.

with each day, as parents, we do the best we can.  to raise our children the best we know how.  we look to others for support.  we read about what we may not know.

and that shouldn't start once the baby arrives.  it should start well before.

as much as i would love to share the experience of home births with so many moms... it's not about preaching about what everyone else should do... or that everyone should have a home birth.  but it is, in a sense, about preaching that as a mom, or mom-to-be, that doing that research... is so important.

that day... the day those little babies arrive into our worlds... it changes our lives forever.  and i truly believe that the way we have decided to birth leo and this new little one has started their lives in a way that is true to our beliefs as parents.  and as a family.  not because we spent that time in our home rather than in a hospital, but because we researched... we planned... we made our decisions with confidence...

we made a choice after looking into all of our options.

it starts then.  even before then.  it's intentional living... intentional birthing... intentional parenting.

just like i don't want leo to do what others tell him just because he's been told... i don't want to do that either.  i'd rather him question... and i should question, too.  i'd rather his curiosities soar, as mine should, too.  i'd rather he figure out what answers make the best sense for him... not because someone gave him the answer, but because he took the time to explore and experiment.  as i should too.

with that said, in just a few more weeks, a new little bundle will be joining our family.  in the best way we know how.


  1. I'm not sure when I came across your blog, but whenever you post, I'm so thankful that I did.

    Thank you for sharing your intent for a homebirth, and your desire for women to make educated choices about their births, and that research - those choices - are one of the early steps of intentional parenting, and part of intentional living.

    And thank you for striving to live intentionally and honestly, and for sharing that with the blog community. For reals. Thank you.

  2. Congratulations! How exciting for you! I have only had hospital births, but I think that every woman needs to do what she feels comfortable with and know her options. It sounds like you had an amazing experience last time and I hope it's every bit as magical this time. How long until you welcome your newest blessing?

    A new follower, Vicky @

  3. @ mrs. lmnop... wow... what kind words! that is one of the kindest comments i've ever gotten... thank you so much!

    we have been so lucky... in our birth with leo, in our everyday lives, in so many of our experiences... and i really do feel that a lot of that comes from being present in so many of our decisions. it's not always easy, and we often need reminders... but i guess no one ever said it was easy :)

    thank you again for your lovely words... and for stopping by!

  4. @ vicky... you're so right... it's whatever each person is comfortable with... and no one can make that choice for you! knowing all the options is so essential. we did have a wonderful experience with our first birth, and i'm looking forward to another one!

    i'm due mid october... but we're all sort of expecting a bit earlier than that! little leo arrived about 3 1/2 weeks early, and judging from the size of this belly, i wouldn't be surprised if this one makes an appearance around then too!

    thanks so much for reading... and i'm glad you're following along!

    have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. What a wonderful post! I agree with everything you are are saying.

  6. @ sarah... thank you :) i'm so glad you're a part of the journey this time around!

  7. Awww, thank you so much. Thank you for sharing it with me too!-You guys are awesome!

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