Wednesday, June 29, 2011

story thoughts...

the other night, i was reading where the wild things are with leo.

he laid there, so engrossed in the story.

making his comments here and there, asking questions, pointing things out.

and all of a sudden something dawned on me.  it might be obvious, but i've never really thought about it before.  or at least to the degree i did that night.

all he can do is see the pictures and hear the words.

he can't read the words.  he can only take in what i say out loud and what his eyes grab from the pictures.

he's not seeing the same words, as i do, each time we read the book.  he's listening.  to what i say.  how i say it.  how it relates to the pictures he sees.  to the images that lay on the pages.

and it made me actually tell the story.  instead of just read the book.

it made me imagine what the words were conveying.  it made me imagine what this experience was like for leo.  how my words could actually change the pictures.  how my pauses... my inflections... my dedication... could all bring to life what he was looking at.

it made me put the words aside.  and engross myself, and leo, in a wonderful dose of imagination.

i think it very well might have changed the way i read books to him forever.  and i'm so excited.


  1. I LOVE reading to the bps we have books that is only for them and me to read together (like the one my mom used to read to me when I was little) anyway I think sometimes I enjoy myself more than them they even said I was silly once but at the end they do prefer me reading to them and anyone else I love it :)

  2. yes! it seems like it's getting better and better as leo gets older. his imagination is just growing beyond what i ever even knew was possible!

  3. One of my favorite things is to read to the kids. I love acting it out like a play for them, with voices and emotion, the whole shebang! It makes reading so much fun!

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