Wednesday, March 2, 2011

some time...

i dream for the time that i will have to make the things i want to make.  to take pictures of all the things i've made.  while capturing the sweet, day to day life i want to live.  filled with bright colors, inspiring images, meaningful projects...

and what i realize, is that if i wait for that, i'm missing what is right in front of me.  i'm looking for what should be inspiring.... for what i want to be beautiful.  when each and every day is in front of me, brand new, with it's own beauty.  sure, i might not see it at first glance.  but i need to stop.  i need to look harder.  or just change my perspective.  because there is beauty and inspiration in every single moment of my life.

i have been blessed with the ability to be at home with leo.  we spend each and every day together.  some of those days are filled with play and books and bubbles and smiles.  and other days, like today,  are filled with cleaning and dishes and work and tears.  but just as the former is life, so is the latter.  and that makes the life i live mine.

i'm going to try to stop searching.  to stop waiting.  to be here.  and to be present.  and to be honored to live this life i have.  because it is something very special.


  1. Amen to that, Heather! I'm glad you are looking for the beauty in your days with your family. I have been intentionally trying to do that myself.

  2. ha, i was just going to say amen, too.
    and so it is. AMEN, sista.

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