Sunday, July 11, 2010


i came across a great little store...sparrow. if i had a store...this would be it. it's everything i'd want in a great little space...

first off, the look of it is absolutely adorable! crisp, and clean, but with a little bit of a quirky edge to it.

then, there's the items sold there...many items are eco-friendly, handmade, or local. there's great toys, clothing, even stainless steel food containers. (this is particularly exciting to me...i recently spent many hours researching stainless steel i have all the time in the world :) )

i had the pleasure of meeting terrie, the owner to discuss selling some of my items there. she was so pleasant and easy going. she even patiently waited as i frantically labeled (on her labels) all of my items that i was leaving there. (lesson #1 when doing consignment...have your own hang tags.) she's also doing a really great recycled line of kids' clothing...she uses thrift store finds and spruces them up with some funky appliques. what a great idea!

by the end of the visit, i left a good handful of items that will hopefully sell there! (notice my lack of items now in my etsy shop!)


  1. That's awesome! I'm so intrigued! Is it a consignment shop?

  2.'s not a consignment shop, but she's starting to do things on consignment rather than buy a whole line. such a cute shop! keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. What an awesome shop. I wish we had a store like that near us!


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