Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a new place...

i'm so excited about this...

after 8 years in our little one bedroom apartment...

we're moving.

we're MOVING!

just a few blocks away, to a perfect little fourplex.  we'll have a yard!  while that's definitely the most exciting part of it, almost equally exciting is we'll have our OWN washer and dryer!  i can do laundry WHENEVER I WANT!  WITHOUT QUARTERS!!!  oh...the excitement is uncontainable! 

my mind is constantly going...what colors will we paint?  how will we set everything up?  who's going to be the first to visit and stay in the second bedroom?  how fast can we make vegetables grow?  how much is leo going to LOVE the backyard?!?!?!  

all of that is completely overshadowing the fact that we have to pack.  and have a garage sale.  in the next couple of weeks.

did i mention the yard???


  1. i hope we're the first to stay in the 2nd bedroom! :)

    what are those 2 little buildings in the backyard?

  2. those are your little guest homes :)

    it's the garages...we get half of the one on the left. yay for a parking spot!

  3. I can understand the euphoria.
    The best part will be the yard.

  4. I'm excited for you guys! Leo will have fun running around back there!


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