Friday, March 13, 2015

everywhere classroom {at home}...

sometimes, i can get a little panicky when thinking if my children are getting enough.  enough exposure.  enough reading.  enough socialization.  enough free time.  enough play.  enough math.  and the list goes on.

i thought it would be helpful to remind myself (and anyone else who might need it!) of all the learning that happens every single day.  while prepared activities and planned projects can be wonderful, what's really amazing is watching children learn through simple, everyday activities.  sometimes at home, sometimes at the grocery store, sometimes at a park...  sometimes on a road trip or an adventure... wherever... learning is happening constantly.  

it's comforting to know that we don't always need a lesson plan, or a big field trip, or the perfect materials to teach our children.  they're already learning.  all the time.  

so here's a little breakdown of how that might look, in an everyday activity, like doing the laundry...

responsibility: taking care of household chores, seeing the effects of this on the family

math: pouring the right amount of detergent, identifying the numbers on the display

reading: reading & choosing the right settings, water temperature, etc.

fine motor: pouring the detergent, pushing the buttons

color identification: sorting the clothes by darks/lights

collaboration: determining who does what

so, on those days when it seems like nothing has gotten done, be sure that learning has.


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