Friday, August 22, 2014

a simple connection...

i've been meaning for so long to get back here.

but always get bogged down by the details.  

where to start... how to start... organizing it all before i start... 

and then i never do start.

so that's that.  i'm starting.


there have been a bunch of things i've been playing around with lately in my head.  projects to start (or continue).  ideas.  books to write.  books to read.  adventures to go on.  crafts to make.  homeschool things.  and on and on and on. 

and so here we are.  and here i go.  

first up...

i've had this idea for a book.  a collection of simple ways to connect with your children.  no materials necessary.  no preparation needed.  no clean up, for the most part. 

just a little bit of time together.  and an idea.  

a simple connection.

but writing a book is a lofty goal.  and yes, it might happen one day.  but, again, i start to get bogged down in the details, and then the original idea never sees the light of day.

and i don't want that to happen.

so i'm going to start sharing them here, and on instagram.  

and they're just like i said... a simple, but meaningful connection.  a quick reminder to put distractions aside, and connect with those amazing little people in our lives.  with nothing more than an idea and some time, we can make a memory.

i know i definitely need the reminder.  that's partly where the idea came from.  to take a break from what i'm doing and get a good dose of quality time.  and truly experience it.

you can do it just once.  you can do every day.  whatever you choose, and whatever works.

first one...

as the clouds change and mold into new shapes, create a story to go with them. 

see what birds cross their paths.

follow the trail of an airplane.

just a couple minutes for a simple connection.

i'll collect these at #asimpleconnection... and would love to hear ideas for more!  

i'm looking forward to being back in this space.  and thank you to those who come to visit :)


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