Monday, September 16, 2013

learning in everyday moments...

our days are full of learning... in everyday moments... 

what can seem like a simple trip to the grocery store, a walk around the block, some backyard exploration, playing at the park... things that we all do... things that every childhood is filled with... all these moments are teaching about textures, mathematics, colors, socialization, the senses, fine motor skills, gross motor skills... and most importantly, life.  

that doesn't mean that every so often i don't have a minor panic attack that the kids aren't in school... that i don't have lessons created... that our schedule isn't full with activities...

and so i've started some reminders for myself... and anyone else who may need them... to see that life is FULL OF LEARNING.  that children are learning constantly.  that the natural curiosity of a child will lead them to discover amazing things.   


i'm adding some text to photos... capturing the daily moments, but adding to it what we've learned... what skills were practiced... just through living our lives.

i'll post them here sometimes, but they'll be on instagram regularly.  come see them over there.  at a_happy_wanderer


  1. So cute~ Thank you for sharing the post. Watching the kids grow up day by day makes me happy :)
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