Monday, February 20, 2012

water beads...

i've been wanting to try these out for so long now...

we finally got our hands on some water beads...

a score at the 99 cent store...

they're pretty awesome.

water beads are made for floral arrangements... they start as little pellets, then you soak them in water for about 8 hours, and they absorb all that water... they grow to about the size of marbles, but they're sort of soft and gelatinous.  so much fun to play with!

one thing i learned from using them... since they're just sitting there in their own moisture, with nothing really to absorb the water (as they're intended), be careful how you store them.  ours got moldy and we had to throw them out.  if left out in the sun or something like that, they can shrink back up again and be used over and over. also, wash your hands before using them to keep them nice and clean.

have fun!


  1. What's a water bead?

  2. anonymous... i just updated the post... read above for more info on water beads! you'll love them!


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