Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fall leaves game...

we don't get much fall foliage around here...

but we do what we can.

and have fun while we're doing it...

with some felt trees and leaves...

and some wooden blocks...

one painted with colors matching the leaves, the other with some dots and numbers (the smiley face means you can pick any color)...

we counted...

named colors...

identified and matched numbers...

and filled our trees with colorful leaves.


  1. People think we don't get fall foliage in the San Francisco bay area, but we do, it's just different colors than stereotypical fall. Our greens come up through our golds. Our dogwoods go pink, the big leaf maple goes yellow. It doesn't have to be stereotypical to be fall colors and be magical.

  2. I love this game! So bright and colorful and simple!! Excellent!

  3. What a cute game, I think we will have to try it out :)

  4. @ mary... yes! we do have a few changes here and there... i've been spoiled by growing up in the northeast, so now being in southern california, it's just not the same. but the subtle changes can be just as beautiful :)

    @ deborah... thank you! and thank you for sharing the idea on facebook!

    @ jodie... i'm glad you like it! and thanks for visiting :)

  5. Beautiful project. I'm loving your blog. Your little guys curls are adorable.

  6. @ kelly... thank you so much! i've been wandering around your blog, as well... it's wonderful!

    and as far as the curls go... i can't even handle them... they make my heart melt :)

  7. @marnie... thank you!

    @ miss pippi... you're welcome! glad you like it :)

  8. Nice idea! But I have one question about rules of this game. If you throw e.g. 2 - red, then 3 - red, 3 - red again... how do you act? How many leaves of each color do you have?
    Thanks, Sara.

    1. I think you can just go with the flow and improvise! if all the reds are used up, roll again! or pick your favorite color... or start taking reds away... it really doesn't matter, as long as you're having fun :)


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