Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a monster...

it all started with this...

and a request for some "silver tape".

to make this, a monster tail...

but then, monsters need big feet, right?

and the look is complete...

monsters do need a snack, too...


  1. so cute! I was looking for something quick to make for a certain 2 year old for Christmas. Perfect! Thanks!!

  2. Oh how brilliant! Love the monster feet. Had to Pin it! What a creative little kiddo!
    New follower and FB fan here... saw you on Daily Mom Buzz/Boredom Buster :)

  3. I adore this - what a happy little man! I mean monster :)

  4. I stumbled across this post via Pinterest several months ago, and was dying to try it out as a craft for our playgroup. It was a total success! I decided to make both monster hands and feet (but no tails). With the help of my visiting MIL, we pre-cut large and small rectangles out of cardboard, and made templates for both hands and feet. I also cut lengths of yarn in two sizes for hands and feet. I had the moms trace the templates, and the kids got to decorate them with paint, crayons, and sparkly balls. Then the moms cut the shapes out, used an awl and a screwdriver to punch holes in the cardboard. I have some pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwestfield/sets/72157631859002181/ (pics are still uploading right now). The paint wasn't quite dry on some of them, so some of the kids aren't wearing theirs.

  5. great idea! my daughter will love this.


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