Sunday, March 28, 2010

riding our bikes...

i don't mean to rub it in, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day today. and we took complete advantage of it. we picked up some sandwiches, rode our bikes to the beach, spent the whole day there, then got some tacos for dinner, and rode back. we are sooooo spoiled living in southern california. every time i get frustrated about our tiny little apartment, i must be reminded of days like today.

and about the bike ride...brian got me a new bike for my birthday... and i simply LOVE it. i've wanted one for awhile now, and since my mom got leo a bike seat, it was time. leo really digs the bike seat, too. we did a lot of research before deciding on the one she got us, and it's a winner. it's called a bobike, and it sits in the front of the bike, between me & the handle bars. he gets to see everything, and i feel it's a little safer than having him behind me...with him in front, i can see & hear him pretty easily.

and boy does he have a lot to say when he's up there! so many colors to talk about...owange, lello, boo...

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