Friday, October 9, 2009

i have the answer...

the other day, leo and i were hanging out at the park down the street. it's a great park...several blocks of grass running along the bluffs, looking over the beach. we just went to get some fresh air, and leo did a lot of crawling around.

an older gentleman started talking to me, once leo wouldn't stop staring at him :) after trading kid stories (he has several grandchildren), he said something to me...

he said,"'re happy. you're happy because you have the answer. the answer isn't shiny cars."

he then touched leo on the head.

and said..."he's the answer."


  1. Happy Share Fest!

    What beautiful words from a stranger! I've felt this way since having my daughter, but it is hard to explain to people who don't have the same in their lives. It's like we have 'the secret'! ahaha!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. so beautiful, so very beautiful! Happy Saturday Sharefest.

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