Monday, September 29, 2014

feeling the rhythm...

after coming to the realization that i crave a little more predictability in our days, we sat down and worked out what seems like a good start.

at first glance, it seems a little overwhelming... a little too structured...

but when we use it as a guide... as a little push to keep the day moving along, i think it's working out just perfectly.

a little rhythm to our days.  a little more predictability.

while still allowing for self-directed learning... child-led interests... slow, intentional days.

most of the times are in blocks... a group of things that we aim to do in that general time.  so we're not bound to a schedule, but sort of guided in our intentions.  so we're all on the same page, and we're all a little more grounded throughout the day.

there are definitely benefits to creating a daily rhythm... and i'm looking forward to enjoying them.

this is what we've created for ours...

learning: our learning times aren't structured lessons.  we let the day flow, and see where it takes us.  if that's to the library, doing some science experiments, going to a museum, creating art, exploring bugs in the backyard... that's what it is.  while it's not sitting down and completing a designated curriculum, my husband and/or i are committed to being completely available during these times.

snack/lunch/dinner: now that things are all given their place in the day, these times are also for learning, and no longer just me or my husband in the kitchen making food and placing it on the table.  our children are in there with us, learning life skills, cooperation, responsibility... given the time, these are just as valuable as learning reading and writing.  

rest: whether it be a nap, looking at books, doing puzzles, or creating with lego... hopefully, the house goes quiet for just a little while.

free play/outside: this is also when some work for me or my husband gets done... whether it be writing, sewing, cleaning... the kids can play on their own, while we do our own things.

walk: or scooter.  around the block, down the street, to the park.  collect some things for our nature class.  just a little bit of time to connect together without any sort of agenda.

table activities: usually writing, drawing or coloring.  sometimes other fine motor activities, like stickers or stamps.  the less-messy kind of things.  either this, or helping in the kitchen for dinner.

adventure day: we try to go to a new place once a week... a beach, a hike, a park, a museum.  most often new, but sometimes a favorite we haven't been to in awhile.

dinner & bedtime: it seems so early to me.  we used to eat a late dinner.  and go to bed late.  which sometimes still happens.  but now, our post-dinner time isn't so rushed.  with an earlier dinner, things can be a little more relaxed as we quiet down for the night.

i think this has satisfied the craving for me... while still preserving the flexibility we enjoy in homeschooling.  


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